Assessment Verification Methodology

The Assessment and Verification are carried out by nominated UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) Representatives in their respective local country. The scheme that executed will be either Accreditation for Career Progress Development (ACPD) or Affirmation for Prior Experience & Learning (APEL) or Lifelong Tutorial Knowledge Learning (LTKL) . This then will give the applicant to earn the required credits and to transfer under Credit Accumulation Transfer Scheme (CATS) for the appropriate OWKU Lifelong Tutorial Knowledge Learning Awards. Every mature candidate is considered purely on their Blended Knowledge Learning under the scheme of APEL or ACPD or LTKL) by UK-CCL. This is to ascertain that it has been awarded for every person who have demonstrated of their Lifelong Knowledge Learning Achievements.

Lifelong Knowledge Degree Levels Available

Degree Level Average Completion of Learning Period Common Prerequisite
Professional Lifelong Knowledge Bachelor's Degree One to Two Years Blended Knowledge Learnings High Learning Diploma or Lifelong Work Knowledge Learning up to Ten Years with Three Years Executive Management Level
Professional Lifelong Knowledge Master’s Degree Six Months to One Year Blended Knowledge Learning Executive Knowledge Learning Diploma or Lifelong Work Knowledge Learning up to Fifteen Years with Five Years Executive Management Level
Professional Lifelong Knowledge Doctor’s Degree Two to Three Years Blended Knowledge Learning Executive Knowledge Learning Master or Lifelong Work Knowledge Learning up to Twenty Five Years with Ten Years Executive Management Level

It is made very clear to every candidate who enrols with the OWKU that, all their Knowledge Degrees Awards are categorised as Professional Lifelong Knowledge Degree and Not an Academic Degree. As the syllabus are designed and considered on practical and work oriented tutorial learning programmes. They are being facilitated either by Workshops, Seminars, Dissertation, Assignments with Oral Examinations. The OWKU Board of Professional Academics have made a resolution to add dedicated Blended Tutorial KnowledgeLearning facilities for the candidates who wishes to achieve this Professional Knowledge Qualifications form OWKU can do so by attending required Workshops and Seminars.

Please submit all your documents, application immediately, through the respective and approved OWKU’s Coordinator as the application processing period can go more than six months. No late application is entertained as the OWKU awarding panel has limited numbers per awarding batch. Be prudent to submit your application for Flexible Lifelong Blended Tutorial Knowledge Degree Qualifications and Non-Academical, Flexible UKCKA’s Certified Membership will be conferred in our Professional Knowledge Convocation. All assessment and verification procedures should be completed on or before 60 days before the actual convocation date. It is made known to all concern that, OWKU will hold Two International Professional Knowledge Convocations per year.

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