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UK Certified Knowledge Association

Facilitating Lifelong Blended Professional Knowledge Qualifications

Confidentiality Guidelines

The OWKU wish to be identified as the Accredited Professional Lifelong Blended Knowledge University (APLBKU) of European Union. OWKU who are dedicated to evaluate, validate and certify the Hands on Work Experienced Matured Licensed Individuals who have gained their Knowledge of Ability by way of Lifelong Learning to earn a High Valued and Recognised Professional Knowledge Degree Qualifications.

The OWKU’s Board of Trustees and Governors believes and seek the Accreditation is to come from Affirmation, Approval and Acceptance from today’s Employers, Business Organisations and Professionals. This is to affirm the Professional Knowledge Qualifications as a Creditworthy Knowledge Ability Certification.

OWKU is proud to state here that, they have pioneered the move from Traditional Textbook and Classroom Education, into Non- Formal Hands on Lifelong Knowledge Learning will empower to gain the Accredited and Reputable Professional Knowledge Degree Qualifications. This Knowledge Awards are conferred by taking into account of every matured individual candidate, who can categorically ascertain their eligibility to OWKU Professional Assessors and Verifiers Board either by Affirmation for Prior Experience and Learning (APEL) or Accreditation for Career Progress Development (ACPD) Scheme.

OWKU’s Executive Governor General’s Firm Believe
that Education is not just about going to school and
getting a degree. It's about widening out of box
knowledge and absorbing the truth about the
practical life requirements.

Professor Emeritus Ralph Thomas Vison that, the Goal of Traditional Education is the Advancement of Knowledge and the Lifelong Hands on Knowledge Learning do Broadcasting the Truth of High Value of Hands on Learning!

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