An Incomparable Notion of A Flexible Blended Lifelong
Tutorial Knowledge Learning for Professional Management Degrees

The Policies of a KnowledgeDegrees

1981 Great Britain Professional Awarding Body UK Certified Knowledge Association (UKCKA) and UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) Executive Board of Trustees and Governors came up in early 2018 the need of Knowledge Degree awarding University. This was made possible due to the fact of 1981 UKCA’s Memorandum Article, which gave the option to execute the mission and vision of UKCKA’s Executive Board of Trustees and Governors to be a reality. UKCKA’s Founder’s Policies in 1981 to come up a university by incorporating with option to form any number faculties as they may need necessary. This is foundation to incorporate a University as a Venture Partner to offer Legitimate Credit Worthy Blended Distance Tutorial Knowledge Learning Management Degree. University.

After long research it was made possible to execute the desire of UKCKA in Bulgaria of European County in the month of August 2018. Now it is known as the One World Knowledge University (OWKU) of Bulgaria, European Union. The Aim and Objective of this unique mission and vison of a person’s Lifelong Blended Distance Tutorial Work Based Knowledge Ability to convert into a Lifelong KnowledgeLearning Degree. This notion will elevate every Hands-on Working Person, who has no time availability attend a regular TraditionalAcademic University to confirm his/her Knowledge Ability.The methodology of Hands on Work Tutorial Knowledge Learning Policies of UKCKA can facilitate the equivalent level of Knowledge Qualification by way of Credit Accumulated Transfer Scheme (CATS)by taking into account of Lifelong Blended Hands on Knowledge Learning. This procedure of Assessment and Verification will confirm the Knowledge Ability.

Flexible Professional Knowledge Degree is characteristically conferred as a way of honouring a distinguished ground-breaking matured working person's contributions in a specific field of employment or generalbusiness enterprises to confirm the Flexible Knowledge Capability. The OWKU’s Flexible Professional Lifelong Knowledge Tutorial Learning Degree is considered virtuously on Work-Based Hands on Lifelong Tutorial Learningto confer the appropriate Professional Knowledge Post Graduate Diplomas, Master or Doctorate Degree Awards.

The innovative notion of OWKU came up with considering the matured person’s Knowledge earned by way of Lifelong Hands on Work Experience Knowledge and to elevate their career prospects by conferring a Non-Orthodox, Flexible Professional Knowledge Degree with the option to use legitimate title of DKMgt (EU) for Doctorate, MKMgt(EU) for Master and PGDip.KMgt(EU) after their names. Work-Based Non-Academic Knowledge Higher Education, resulting in a Generic Doctorate where candidates undertake to project their professional successful activities and offering a special university award of Doctor of Professional (DProfs). The Lifelong Blended Work Knowledge Degrees are focused upon specifically on Matured Work Experienced Professionals with a mix of taught workshops and lifelong work experience over Twenty-Five Years for Knowledge Doctorate, Fifteen Years for Masters andTen Years For Post Graduate Diploma as a compulsory condition. The personal detailed profile as the Assignment and Dissertation and Compulsory Attendance of Three Oral Examinations.

The University of Chester's DProfs are an extension of its existing negotiated work-based programmes taking this into account recently led to the development of similar doctorates in other UK universities, such as the University of Chester. Without share of a doubt, the Flexible Lifelong Blended Knowledge Degree Qualifications are confirming the Professional Knowledge Capability this can be categorised as an equivalent to the Traditional Orthodox Class Room Modular Learning Degrees. The similar awarding concept was pioneered by Pace Universityin the year of 1906 as a Private, Co-Educational, and Comprehensive Multi-Campus University in New York Metropolitan Area with campuses in New York City and Westchester County, New York. This unique innovative Pace University was founded by two brothers, Homer S. Pace and Charles A. Pace, initially as a business school for men and women and progressed to confer practical degree in conjunction to work Learning & Experiences. Furthermore, the first Professional Executive Doctoral Programme in the United States known as the one of the flagships Professional Knowledge Degrees. But Professional Doctorates became established in the United Kingdom in the 1980’s, when it was recognised as a high-level vocational programmes which were designed for work experienced professional practitioners.

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