One World Knowledge University of Bulgaria In Cooperation With

UK Certified Knowledge Association

Facilitating Lifelong Blended Professional Knowledge Qualifications

The Strength of Professional Knowledge Ratification

The Founder Trustees and Governors of One World Knowledge University (OWKU) of Bulgaria are also 1981 UK-Certified Knowledge Association (UK-CKA), who were previously known and accepted as The Corporation of Executives & Administrators (CEA),which is a Non- Formal, Non – Profit, Quasi Charity, Limited by Guarantee UK Professional Awarding Body. They area visionary; whose entire mission is to give recognition and priority by reinforce the value of Professional Blended Knowledge Learning Degree as the contingency planning for the Third Millennium. Work Orientated Knowledge Qualification is vibrant in today’s extremely volatile economic climate. Due to the fact as more employers are considering for applicants who can determine some work experience expertise with their conventional theory based academic qualifications. Taking this seriously as a Catch-22 situation, the OWKU founder came about with awarding Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Qualifications, as many non-academic work experienced individuals who cannot make progress, at a non-traditional university are considering taking on this challenge to confer them with appropriate paper recognition.

The formation and policies OWKUare in alliance UK-CKA ‘s Memorandum of Article. This particular alliance gives the OWKU legacies and legitimacy of incorporation One World Knowledge University in Bulgaria, Europe.UK-CKA at the time of incorporation in their Memorandum of Article, made specific stipulations to incorporate various faculties to offer precise UK Professional Knowledge Diplomas and Distinguished Memberships under one umbrella. Adhering to the Company Act 1948 to 1981 section SIC (92), with not having a share capital, with the dedicated company act code of 9112 of offering legitimate UK Accredited Professional Knowledge Qualifications.This realistic methodology concept to take up the challenge in offering the Professional Knowledge Qualifications by way of a methodology for the matured licensed working individuals, whereby they can be accommodated as a professional by the employers, which in return will boost their image in the business world.

The emphasis of OWKU is that, they do Confer KnowledgeQualifications, if the applicants are creditworthy by encouraging the Licensed Matured Working Individuals to earn a credit worthy and highly recognised and accepted Professional Knowledge Certification by way of their Lifelong Blended Tutorial Work Experience Learning with appropriate Knowledge Qualification.As the founders too come from the Traditional Orthodox Educational Route but the truth of the matter of today’s business world is that modern traditional graduates have seen the valuable positive feature of OWKU’s concept and they have come forward to pledge their allegiance to the OWKU’s vision and mission which further reinforces the notion that the “Professional Knowledge Degree” is a binding and very important award which will shape up the future, whilst also rewarding the self-made businesspersons of today and tomorrows Business World.

when consulting with today’s fresh graduates from Orthodox Universities who cannot find suitable jobs in the current economic climate, they do confirm that their accomplishment of a Traditional Degree Qualification does not meet the employer’s current requirement of today. But they confirm that Knowledge Ability Certifications are very valuable for today’s economic climate and gives their fullest support to the OWKU’s vision and mission. This notion is offered to every Licensed Working Individuals who do not have professional endorsement for their lifelong contribution in the working place which has enabled the Business Enterprises the growth of economicto a highest level. So, Do Not Be A By Stander, But Join Us Today To Better Yourself!!!


Strength of Knowledge Qualifications

  •  a) UK-CKA & OWKU Facilitates Non-Formal,Non-Academic Professional Knowledge Qualifications

  •  b) UK-CKA & OWKU is not a Virtual but Occupational Blended Knowledge University

  •  c) UK-CKA & OWKU Qualification are earned rather than awarded!

  •  d) UK-CKA & OWKU awards has the approval of Employers but not necessarily the Ministry of Higher Education, as UK-CKA & OWKU offer Professional Knowledge Ability             Degrees

  •  e) UK-CKA & OWKU’s Professional Knowledge Qualifications are Non-Traditional but have extraordinary Professional Status in the Business and Employment Circle

  •  f) UK-CKA & OWKU Qualification are supported by UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL), who are known to be Assessors & Verifiers, implementing Professional             Quality Management Standards (PQMS 5001:2005), which is equivalent to QMS- ISO 9001:2015

  •  g) Learning Schemes areAffirmation for Prior Experience and Learning (APEL) and Tutorial Knowledge Learning (TKL)

  •  h) UK-CKA & OWKU awards are reinforced with UK Professional Eminent Memberships to ascertain the superiority of the Professional Knowledge Qualification’s Credit             Worthiness.

  •  i) Facilitation is offered through “Tutorial Academy”, “Affirmation Academy” and “Accreditation Academy”

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